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Reaction of Water Reducing Agents in Mixed Materials

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SNF is one of the indispensable components in commercial concrete.It can improve the performance of fresh concrete, improve the physical and mechanical properties and durability of hardened concrete,and it can save cement,improve construction conditions,and increase construction efficiency at the same time. 

SNF burns three clinker samples of different compositions by changing the raw material ingredients.All three kinds of clinker were mixed into the same gypsum (about 38% of SO3 content) according to 6.0% (weight content),and were made into portland cement (type I) by quasi-500mm×500mm standard test small grinding mill.

When the ordinary fineness slag is added at 10%, the initial fluidity of the cement reaches a higher value, and the fluidity increases slowly with increasing slag content;the fluidity loss is greater at 1h. Zeolite is best when the blending amount is 10%, showing the least loss;when the blending amount exceeds 10%,the fluidity of the cement decreases substantially linearly.

After adding the mixed material, the adaptability of the sample I cement is greatly improved,of which the effect of superfine slag is best,followed by fly ash, and the general fineness slag has a greater effect on improving the initial fluidity.