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Mulan Great Lake Tourism

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Aging organized all the staff to go to Mulan Great Lake to enjoy the beauty of nature on April 29, 2018.

In the early morning, everyone gathered in the pre-arranged place and set off for Mulan Great Lake. After arriving at Mulan Great Lake, we were guided by the tourist guide, lingering in every corner of the Mulan Great Lake.Everyone’s face was filled with a happy smile. Mulan Great Lake Cruises, Glass Flyovers, Water Flying Lines, Water Adventures, Mountain Slides, Sliding Meadows, Mulan Waipojia and other famous attractions have left our footprint.

Aging has always attached great importance to employees' cultural and recreational activities, actively strengthened corporate humanities construction, cared about employees, enriched employees' lives through a series of outdoor activities, and created a high-spirited, positive, energetic corporate culture atmosphere. People enjoy their life and work happily in the company.