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Wudang Mountain Tourism 2018.12.1

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In order to enhance the cohesiveness and collaboration ability of Aging team, to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of Aging team, to relieve work pressure and enrich the amateur life,Aging held a group building activity to climb the Taoist holy land of Wudang Mountain on 1st December,2018.

While we climbing the mountain,everyone supports and encourages each other along the way.Finally we climbed to the top of Wudang Mountain which like a fairyland.Looking at the fog and the sea of clouds in the distance,we couldn’t help but sigh "There will be a summit and a small mountain." While enjoying the beautiful scenery of Wudang Mountain, we also gained a sense of joy and accomplishment after challenging ourselves-success.

Since ancient times, Wudang mountain has the reputation of “the unparalleled victory of the ancient times and the first fairy mountain in the world”. Taizipo, Jinding, Ferris Bridge, Dengtian Ladder, Zhenshanzhong, Panlong Cave, Taohuafeng, Transit Tunnel... The sacred place of Wudang mountain makes everyone happy and unforgetable. During this activity,we had the same goal, and no one was willing to be laged behind.We helped each other to fully promote the spirit of teamwork.