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Happy Valley trip in Wuhan 2019.9.21

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In the first three quarters, Aging team continued to implement the spirit of not being afraid of hardships, and dare to challenge impossible. The company leaders fully affirmed the members' efforts, and arranged a day of Happy Valley trip on September 21st .

Wuhan Happy Valley is the only large-scale cultural theme park in Central China, with 9 theme areas.It includes more than 30 amusement experience equipment like the first double dragon wooden roller coaster in Asia, the "wood wing double dragon", the 720-degree ring roller coaster "FengWu Jiutian", and China's highest ejection roller coaster "Top Speed".

Thrilling projects are the most attractive ones in Happy Valley. When seeing the map of the park, everyone is eager to try the stimulating projects, but hesitated when seeing the first project(Mega Drop). In addition to the members who had to give up due to physical reasons, other members cheered each other and eventually conquered the Mega Drop. Now thinking of the encouragement among members, a hint of warmth poured out in my heart. This activity has strengthened the feelings among the members and made our big family, more and more united and loving.